Thursday, 18 March 2010

A Photoshoot and lots to report!

Hey guys!
This blog is alot happier than my last.. even if i am writing it slightly hungover from another messy paddys day!!

I'm proud to report that the last few days have been really productive for me and Siobhan giving in a hard copy of our recruitment flyer desgin and getting the help from Ruth to jazz it up a bit. All we now need to do is go in and collect them and we'll be on our way! Siobhan's been busy emailing people and setting up meetings here and there yesterday it was with Sue Whitam head of student services who kindly explained the situation with accomodation for us so we understood everything a little more... they have seven different contracts its crazy and the conferences are booked two years in advance after discussions between her and the head of the conference office! No wonder we were stuggling to get this sorted! But luckily Sue had spoken to Bernice for us and had explained that we were really just asking for an extra night and agreed we could have people stay without being charged.. SCORE! So we've secured places for our guys Jersey and Edd to stay the others will just have to crash at peoples!

The photoshoot yesterday was alot of fun, Edd Siobhan Emily and I ventured down at lunchtime and the guys at Ham House were really enthusiastic to join in even Gary and Jorge! Christine our in house photographer was very friendly and amazing to work with I'm glad we've got her on board! They're going to try to get these done for us as soon as possible we have got to allow for the fact that these things can't just be done straight away but i know they'll do their best! They even created some bumper ones for us to get us started :) so we can use those until the main one is ready. It's great to have dedicated people on board and I'm glad im getting to work with Siobhan and meet them all!

All in all productive times

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

A Touch of Sadness

Hey Blog Friends
I apologise in advance this blog isn't going to be full of fun feel free to stop reading i'm going to attempt to use it to collect my thoughts... you have been WARNED!

This morning i felt the urge to write a blog and here i am though i will make it plain that my head is not full of happy, uplifting thoughts so i really do apologise if this annoys, upsets or offends anyone. I decided to have a look through peoples blogs today so yes guys there are people reading them just in case like me you thought your voice was unheard! It was great to read what you've all been up too but also to read and understand different views of our shared experiences.. you've all been doing loads YAY!

I was saddend to see so many blogs picking up on the lack of attendance in meetings.. i understand this is a big issue for us all because we are a company and should all support each other but (excuse my 'but' it doesnt bring harsh words i promise!) i couldnt help feeling a little hint towards me as i know i do not attend every meeting.. but that is probably just my guilty concience. Then i thought a little more (a dangerous activity for me) is this the way we want people to feel? Is this the best environment for our ideas to flourish and gain momentum? I do not think it is, Mark was so right when he said work with what we have present on that particular day and i can't help thinking if this pressure was taken off people would feel a lot more relaxed in and out of meetings. Ideas could be shared with those who missed the session with the kind of enthusiasm and joy that the bell ringers shared their craft with us.. no malice or accusing finger included just a general want and need to share the information so that we're all working as one. And I am not saying anyone does or doesnt do this.

Emily Lakin our lovely chair wrote a blog that really opened my eyes to the power of a blog; hers was so honest, open and true. Feelings can be collected in these posts and her idea of panic is one we're all feeling right now and i think it's this panic that makes us go round and round in meetings or hold grudges against those who do not show. We're trying to create a grandscale community event involving many people and hopefully one that as Mark has said will continue to work in that community for long after we've left.. one that WILL make Ham house part of its community. I worry that we cannot acheive this fully if we ourselves do not prove to to be a community and if we let panic win. These are our aims and if we continue to move forward making and learning together then i do not see how we can fail.

I know my contributions are small and i cannot apologise enough for the meetings i do not attend unfortunately a tragic event over christmas took away my ability to give 110% but i do not not attend for any reason other than at those times i simply cannot do it. We are getting somewhere it may be too fast for some and yet too slow for others but i think the real battle now is working on ourselves as a company so that when we preach about the importance of community.. we know what we say is true because we've practiced it.

A long blog i know but i want to reassure people that this blog isnt an attack on people or occurances but really a way to structue my thoughts... i now realise at the end that despite all our problems and maybe small numbers of people attending we are amking progress and this is what is most uplifitng. Last night many good decisions we made and if anyone wants me to let them know what the missed i'd be happy too. We're making progress with the mexican night... games is the word of the day so guys any ideas for free games we can charge a small fee for? I'v found how to make a pinata, its really simple anyone want to give me a hand?!

We're getting there!

Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Bell Ringers and a meeting that went well :)

Last Blog of the day I'm so sorry everyone!

Siobhan Claudia Zoe and I ventured to Old Hallows church to visit the bell ringers last night. I can only say it such an amazing experience! I can definitely say I enjoyed occupying a bell tower for the evening : )

The group were so welcoming to us and it was clear they wanted to share all they knew about their passion and we couldn’t help but get infected by their enthusiasm. Chris took Zoe and I up to look at the bells almost immediately and it was fascinating to be a foot away from a one tonne bell whilst having the inns and outs explained of why some bells were stationed facing up and why others were facing down. When the others arrived they quickly introduced themselves and got to working the bells for us first in sequence and then mixing it up under the conductor who happened to be Chris. They were all able to work all the bells and to watch them it was as if the whole process was organic a command was heard and the sound changed without much effort and they all took turns at working the bells, ringing the treble and even conducting the rules they silently obeyed. This was a real community working in unison to create and hauntingly beautiful sound and I feel honoured to have been so welcomed and able to witness this opportunity. A perfect example; One of the things they played was called ‘BOB’ in which when the word “BOB” was called the sequence changed immediately and continued to do so until the conductor at that particular time called “Thats all” signifying the end of the sequences.

I can only say I learnt so much from this experience in how a community works and the nature of Bell Ringing itself, after all I can’t say I get to listen to a tune as old as the bells themselves be played whilst watching those who man the bells move the ropes up a down. A true experience and it was hilarious to watch Zoe and Claudia actually take advantage of their offer to try themselves!
All in all and amazing experience and I’m tempted to go back to learn more!

But back to DIC Siobhan and I met with Trevor today and he was invaluable in his opinion of our accommodation situation. He’s offered to speak to someone in accommodation and asks that we provide him with the names of our recruits and the halls they reside in so that he can use this information in his approach. He backs us and we’re eternally grateful because we are in a bit of a predicament in terms of dates! ThanksTrevor!

Hope this support continues!

Monday Meeting Sillyness

Monday’s meeting can only be considered as completely hilarious especially looking back at it now!

Mark brought up the excellent point that there wasn’t enough silliness in our ideas we needed to bring fun back into the procession! From horses and penguins for the blind to Patsy’s amazing description of the red Barrows; groups of people who do tricks to music with wheel barrows situated all over the country (an amazing concept methinks?) I googled them and the page I went on is (where i sourced the image to the left) if you guys want to check them out! They were formed in 2002 to celebrate the Queen’s Jubilee and due to popular demand they continued doing mostly events for charity proceedings often going to the Breakthrough Breast Cancer charity! I LOVE IT! We should totally get them on board what a thing to have in the procession!

Siobhan and I have got a meeting with Trevor planned and shes already arranged a photoshoot with Christine but Fridays is the planned date and Siobhan and I can’t be here due to other commitments.. get back to her guys Marks right we need to get this going!

A venture to Spoons

After the fun of the random night before and my swearing Im an alcoholic after which my amazing flatmates took it upon themselves to show me the 12 steps (fun times!) Siobhan said the word roast and I was powerless but to follow her to the nearest Spoons you don’t have to drink right?!

Over our amazing roasts the talk turned to DIC and our part we were playing in the internal organising of the 400th birthday celebrations.
We know we need to step up our recruitment process because the meetings are not working sue to the hectic schedule of the lower years and in fact our own. We’ve decided to start camping outside the theatre next week to get people involved with flyers we’re trying to get hold of from our good friend Ruth! We also want to get a meeting with Trevor as soon as possible to get his support on our accommodation front!

Full steam ahead now it’s time to do it at the start of a new week!
Over and out!

Come on and BLAG IT!!!

Stangely enough on Saturday Siobhan Edd and I decided to take part in the RAG week BLAG IT challenge. I was slightly alarmed and confused at how comfortable i was clambering into a complete stangers car, blindfolding myself and being driven to what can only be described as destination unknown.

The banter before was hilarious we met two primary teachers creating some friendly competiton with this team known as the flowerpot men.... they were both called ben but one was being bill for the day HILARIOUS! As we set i couldn’t help being excited as im not really a lets do something random person i add i neglected to tell my dad what i was doing on my sunny Saturday.. as had the rest of my team!

We were driven to Kensington that we were sure of thanks to the good singposting in that area of London and we set off towards what we thought to be a main road. Kesington highstreet score! After venturing to the train station and realising the train were not running Edd blagged us onto a bus going towards Hounslow. Once there the 33 proved to once again be th bane of all student life by not running where we were but after asking the friendly information dude we blagged our way onto a 267(courtesy of Siobhan) and were soon back in Twickenham. Competitive spirit won as we flew towards the SU only to be told we were second... the other team had managed to hop on a fast train! GUTTED!
But that isn’t the end of my tale... oh no this is where it really began! To be continued...

Siobhan and I congratulating ourselves with pints of cider black decided to watch the rugby playing on Simmies turf and randomnly ran into some 2nd years there to support a friend. I didn’t really know them but Siobhan knew a few and we bonded over the weather mine and siobhans interesting hoodies ( I LOVE NINJAS) and when the match ended we all made our way into the su for a well earned drink!

The pool table called to us and so did the alcohol so within hours we were laughing and joking like old mates.. random i know but i was glad to actually spend some time with them out of the academic context and i have to say it worked! Bill and en arrived back and they joined in our mammoth pool tournament each shot on my part getting slightly worse as i downed another drink! Siobhan and i i have to admitt lost spectacularly on many occasions!
Someone mentioned Chinese and we were invited back to theirs and so the night continued and i can now say we’ve all become firends.. and now we’ve got some new recruits for the best project ever!

All in all a random day and we're glad to announce the arrival of a ukulele player :) HELL YEAH!

HAM HOUSE NEEDS YOU and Three birds are found in Simmies

Hey guys a lot has happened in the last few days so a few updates ahead im afraid!
First was our meeting with the 1st and 2nd years on Wednesday 3rd March brought about by careful planning and some strategically placed HAM HOUSE NEEDS YOU posters.. but we only managed to get four people to turn up! Pretty poor I say but luckily all of the four could play and instrument :) roll on super band!

Luckily we were around uni for the rest of the day and Siobhan’s carefully made table allowed us to accost in a friendly way a few more names! We’re getting there slowly and have decided to make flyers and stand outside the theatre during lunchtimes next week to give our recruitment a surge! Fingers crossed!

We ventured to the Simmies theatre at half 2 for the matinee showing of Three birds Alighting on a Field a play written by Timberlake Wertenbaker, one of my favourite playwrights, directed by Trevor and performed by our second years. We wanted to support them after all, show our faces and get ourselves familiar with them because that can only lead to us building bridges and ensuring their support for our project.

The production was interesting clearly about a certain period in the art world but it brought up all those questions about class, money and passion and what you have to have to be considered and ENGLISH gentlemen. I really enjoyed the production it was acted and staged well and the set looked fantastic with its reliance on giant squares symbolic of canvases and projected images of art.

All in all a good day methinks
Till next time x

Tuesday, 2 March 2010

The Day of the Tai and we return to the House

Ok I swear this is the absolute last update of the night.. please excuse my serious blogging spree guys! Part Two:

Returning to the house was such an amazing idea it was lovely to go back and have a chance to look around the grounds a put our ideas in the space. And everyone its a whole lot bigger than I was thinking! Those grass areas are HUGE! 40paces as charlotte and Siobhan counted, ( accuracy not included though should’ve taken a tape measure) and thats alot of space to work with! I really do hope we can all go again very soon together i can imagine it would really help us to not only bond but also have the actual space in front of us as we plot and plan.

Tai was lovely good food and good times really lovely bonding experience and it was really helpful and relaxing to have the meeting outside of the university building and context!
I hope this continues!
Night all! x

The day of the Tai and Accomodation goes further

Ok so Monday Part one

Siobhan and I managed to find a clearly popular Kasia in her office and explained our situation to her asking what she thought we should do... She explained that she wasn’t having this difficulty because her students were second years and inot in halls of residence ( sods law right?) but she also proved to be immensely helpful in suggesting that we seek support of trevor to back us up in our quest to hopefully get the extra nights for our lower year buddies... and since we’d really like them to be involved we’re going to do it! She also she suggested to go to the SU first because their backing could also help just in case Trevor is unable to do anything to help us!

But its all good guys because Kasia’s on our side and we’ve got a way to try to find a loop hole.

ON another note I managed to assail registry and found that they cannot give us email account details due to data protection.... (yes that lil chesnut) but they were kind enough to offer an alternative such as getting IT to put up something on the front page of the portal and also giving information to the heads of schools within the university so that they can put information up aswell..Every little helps and i think that would prove to be a helpful tool in advertising the project!

Since Friday Siobhan and i have been making posters and putting them up and also sending out messages via our HAM HOUSE NEEDS YOU group to arrange a meeting with the 1st and 2nd years to get an idea of numbers and also those who will need help with halls. This meeting is taking place on wednesday in studio 2 and we hope to have a good turn out. Siobhan has also been postin the information on the drama society walls and those for the drama and physical theatre walls so im sure you guys are well ahead!

Wish us luck!
Megan out!

Passed from Accomodation to Conference fun times :)

I won’t lie guys during reading week I was officially naf... i apologise for not making the sessions unfortunately I was in Ireland for personal reasons I hope it all went well?

I was appointed the task of getting in touch with Accomodation to get this halls kick out issue ball rolling... wow thats a total mouthful.. and i can only say i managed to do it.

After emailing accommodation they politely declined claiming they were not the people i should be talking too and kindly forwarded my email onto the head of the conference office Bernice ostle so that the situation could be discussed further.

After struggling to get in touch with Bernice she eventually emailed back laying down what i can only describe as THE LAW!

Basically as reported in the meeting last thursday... (which by the way i am slightly proud of my meagre contribution) if our lower years want to stay on longer she has to know: How many? What Halls? And for how many extra days? She also explains that those who need to stay will have to pay conference prices which as students Im sure many cannot afford and she also raised this point in her reply.

Issue much... but don’t worry me boss and i have taken on board what mark said and have arranged a meeting with Kasia in the hope that she can shed some light on the subject considering she’s suffering from the same problems.!

We’ve also accosted a few people since last thursday (in a nice way i hasten to add) about the emailing of everyone in the university, after all as Siobhan said if Ben Soloman can do it why can’t we! IT sent us to registry after the mention of distribution lists and painfully typing one by one ( not fun!) and registry couldn’t update us so you’ll know when we know!

All’s well guys we can do it!
M egan out

Arabian Nights.. better late than never!

Late I know but 1001 stories... um yes please!

Arabian nights blew me away! I honestly could’ve sat in our little Simmies theatre all night listening and delighting in the stories told by my fellow third years. I wanted more.. i wanted the rest! I was so proud of them for the work they’d created; so full of excitement, no wonder Mark suggested we get them on board it would be shame for that to be it and for their ensemble piece to be nothing more than a distant memory. After all the use of musicians who I believe were 1st years... memo to megan GET THEM ON BOARD!... colour and simple staging would be perfect for perhaps one of the grass areas in the garden or even just as part of the procession... hmmmm ideas maybe?! 1001 stories could just keep our mammoth audience entertained until the sing song begins after all the procession isn’t going to make its journey that quickly and they shouldn’t enter into an empty space.

All in all I loved the production full highs lows fun and frolics and i definitely would’ve given them food for their troubles..
I hope Ham house proves to be as successful and I hope we can get everyone on board to create a community within a community!

: )

Saturday, 13 February 2010

The first of many updates..

Hey Blog Friends!

Much has happened both ups and downs in the past couple of weeks since my last blog and i haven't really had time to write whats beens going on in regards to the ole Ham House celebrations. So as it's reading week i'm thinking the time to update you lovely people is nigh as preparations move fast and forward.

To begin..
So Siobhan has been kind enough to adopt me into her internal liason duties... maybe as a 1st lady to an awesome president methinks? I'm really glad to have a place where i can be of help lord knows she's got an unbelivable amount of work to do and if i can lighten the load then i'm glad :) She allowed me to accompany her on her first meeting with the 1st and 2nd years just to see what interest would be like in our project. We're lucky to have one of the other office managers Emma on our side as shes already pledged herself to our cause and even offering to plug it about for us!

Things that came up in the meeting were:
1) the kick out date for Halls of residence being the 22nd May.... My 21st and a problem that would throw a serious spanner in our workforce. Talking to accomodation office needed!
2) wider advertisement for meetings with the lower years to get more than four people showing! Posters needed!
3) maybe arrange a day to take those interested to have a look at the house from the outside to get their perspectives on it? I think this would really benefit us and give an outsiders look on the project the start of hopefully bringin all three years at simmies together!
4) facebook group for easy communication needed!

We know another meeting needs to be planned but for now four people are joinging us and the facebook group is up and running and growing so let roll on the good times :)

Till the next update Megan out!

Saturday, 30 January 2010

The Blog of BLAH?!!

Hey blogging buddies!

I writting this blog at an extremely unconventional time of almost midnight but ive been doing a bit of blog hunting and have been given the inspiration to write.....i warn you now it is of no real relevence!

I shall set the scene for you.... I am at Home... (thats Essex Home not Twickenham Home btw going back to my roots mate.. haha) i am having an immensely interesting converstation with miss Bellot on the good old facebook chat and i have a hugely gnawing feeling in my gutt... (please no gross ideas thanks! ) and that feeling is guilt. I am disappointed in myself for not attending our meetings and i feel terrible about it because despite my feelings of having a serious lack of value to this project and my unfortunate problems at the moment i have let you all down... and Im sorry please understand i do not do it lightly!

So now thats out of the way back to my blog surfing... from all your blogs ive been given such a good insight into what has been happening in my absence and it sounds as though things are slowly falling into place... Mark your blog about the walk was truly inspiring i now intend to sit down and have a little brainstorm and do the walk myself with a few buddies ( I hope) next week when i'll be back... I see no that it's all moving forward quickly and i don't want to get left behind.

Megan Out! :)

Monday, 25 January 2010

Back to the house....

Hey hey Blog friends!

I was lucky enough to be able to make the tour of the shooting at Ham Saturday and after signing away my life and possibly my face and car to Disney I can honestly say it was such an amazing, eye opening experience for me in terms of the amount of work and energy that goes into location filming. I can't say i know much about filming its not something I've really looked into but to be allowed to have a look around and have all the how we makes this happen explained to me i couldnt feel anything except awe.... and fear I totally didnt want to break anything! Unfortunately I cannot remember the name of the lovely lady who risked so much to show us around (a lil help anyone?) but we were all really greatful to her for allowing us to share this experience with them, and of course to see Ham House totally transformed to the point where i was picking inanimate objects and going um was that there before?! Most of it was i hasten to add... maybe i shud pay a little bit more attention! But i digress... as Gary has said soooooo many times he loves the way a room can be transformed and Gary I totally agree and I hope that this is what we ourselves can achieve at the 400th celebration.

I missed the House and it was good to have another little look around at the grounds to put our plans into perspective with what we can actually use. There are so many natural stages at the back of the house; the sections of grass and the raised platform that backs onto the house proved to be larger than i imagined and perfect to put the choirs or us to orchestrate the Happy Birthday. And If we choose to use the banner idea there's two perfectly placed balcony's towards the top that would be handyto hang the banners from! Mark even pointed out the Flag pole and I don't see why we can't use this aswel!

All in all going back to the house proved to be very helpful in putting the area back into my mind... and If a film crew can change the look of the area then i don't see why we can if we get enough people on board!

Megan Out!

Friday, 22 January 2010

First Blog of 2010... lets get started!

Um.... I realise (with much oh shit attitude) I haven’t completed a blog for some time (Oct anyone?) and this is why I’m forcing myself to sit down and write one now at the end of our first week back. It seems as though so much has happened previously that I could of commented on; the lectures at Ham, the development of the stories, the enjoyable weekends, a mysterious stowaway in my bag (MARK?), my time over Xmas... but there seems to be no point or benefit in looking back to last year for me. So I begin now looking forward to the mammoth amount of work we all need to undertake to pull off this 3000+ at Ham House’s 400th anniversary. I’m not surprised we’re all scared I myself am terrified but if we pull it off it could be amazing :)

Monday was productive and I’m glad that now the brief is known and the date is finalised we can begin working towards it. It was lovely to hear the stories from the Spain trip a real inspiration and eye opener especially to me who hopes to work in that field some day and it was lovely to hear all of the girls talking with clear adoration and joy about their experience. I hope that can carry over into our own community workings this time around. Their proposal was perfect a fun and inventive way to lead the amount of people through the grounds of the House and to use the eight squares of grass as natural stages will provide a lot of entertainment for this audience as once they’re in they can’t just be left standing waiting for a giant sing along. I would like others to incorporate their community projects in the piece so that all the work we do can culminate in this giant celebration and to have those we contact to be able to see where their work fits in will provide a sense of satisfaction and community centring around not just Ham House as a building but as a history and focal point of the community.

The meeting Wednesday was a little harder for me because I generally am pants at leading and organising at the best of times and I really had no idea what role I could possibly be of value to. With the roles sorted we can now move forward and the way we’re working becomes clearer I just wish I could’ve given more. Me being the ‘floater’ while utterly hilarious to Siobhan and Edd fills me with dread because to know about everything isn’t something I’m ready for at the moment! But I’ll do my best and as we’ve all formed an attachment to this House I want to be part of it.

And that my friends was another blog the JOY!
So... To the meetings today!