Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Monday Meeting Sillyness

Monday’s meeting can only be considered as completely hilarious especially looking back at it now!

Mark brought up the excellent point that there wasn’t enough silliness in our ideas we needed to bring fun back into the procession! From horses and penguins for the blind to Patsy’s amazing description of the red Barrows; groups of people who do tricks to music with wheel barrows situated all over the country (an amazing concept methinks?) I googled them and the page I went on is (where i sourced the image to the left) if you guys want to check them out! They were formed in 2002 to celebrate the Queen’s Jubilee and due to popular demand they continued doing mostly events for charity proceedings often going to the Breakthrough Breast Cancer charity! I LOVE IT! We should totally get them on board what a thing to have in the procession!

Siobhan and I have got a meeting with Trevor planned and shes already arranged a photoshoot with Christine but Fridays is the planned date and Siobhan and I can’t be here due to other commitments.. get back to her guys Marks right we need to get this going!

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