Sunday, 18 October 2009

The power of boredom!

Today Edd, Siobhan and i attended The Power of Yes matinee at the National Theatre. The play written by David Hare is concerned with the events that led to the current economic crisis of Britain today. I would be lying if i said i found it entertaining aside from the odd joke, the cute guy who was playing a bank of England employee and Edd falling asleep every so often only to be woken up by my and Siobhan wetting ourselves with laughter. Unfortunatley we all agreed that we couldnt understand the play at all due to the mass of information being thrown at us that we were expected to understand and a 1 hr 45 mins is a long time to be sitting in the same chair feeling nothing but stupidity, boredom and a distinct lack of feeling in my bum!! I think i was more frustrated with the play for having a sexist feel to it (after all there appear to be no women in the banking world) but more than that it was the sense that i clearly wasnt smart enough to understand the events so why should i care?.......

But though i watched the play it wasnt what affected me today. The increasing feelin of boredom really made me enjoy all the fun the three of us had on our trip to london, and it was this sense of playfulness that i want to bring to our stories at Ham House during the xmas project. I feel that similar to The Power of Yes that focused on the facts and involved thinking too much, we've been thinking to much about what we could do instead of going for the simple things that are often just as effective, Zoe and Jennies story really reinforces this because their simple set and story was fun, enjoyable and really embodied what it means to play.

After all its all about the fun :)

Friday, 16 October 2009

Blog? uhh i know not what you mean?!!

Ok... so this is what they call a blog.

I won't lie i am mortally afraid of doing this and thats the only excuse i can figure as to why it's taken me so long to start this thang! I could not work out why i felt that way but thinking about it i guess its because i don't really tend to speak out about my ideas or thoughts and feelings so i'm really nervous about letting it all hang out (um not literally of course.)

I haven't really felt able to write anything in this little posting box because i've really struggled with finding inspiration and ideas despite the lovely tours and talks given to us which i can't help thinking should of given me some sort of reaction. After all the house is truly beautiful and i can't resist the urge to explore it more maybe away from the larger group so that i can get more of a sense of the house and its history and potential. I'm feeling a serious lack of creativity on my part especially as others have had such wonderful ideas from the get go... Go you guys :) but im hoping that i'll recover my mind and be able to contribute something to the group.

But a blog i must start though belive me it is with a shakey hand that i attempt to move towards the publish button, but as all my fellows have just jumped right in i have no choice (and iv left it late enough as it is :)) but to take the plunge.. who knows maybe i'll find my long lost voice.

Fun times ahead i hope x