Tuesday, 2 March 2010

The Day of the Tai and we return to the House

Ok I swear this is the absolute last update of the night.. please excuse my serious blogging spree guys! Part Two:

Returning to the house was such an amazing idea it was lovely to go back and have a chance to look around the grounds a put our ideas in the space. And everyone its a whole lot bigger than I was thinking! Those grass areas are HUGE! 40paces as charlotte and Siobhan counted, ( accuracy not included though should’ve taken a tape measure) and thats alot of space to work with! I really do hope we can all go again very soon together i can imagine it would really help us to not only bond but also have the actual space in front of us as we plot and plan.

Tai was lovely good food and good times really lovely bonding experience and it was really helpful and relaxing to have the meeting outside of the university building and context!
I hope this continues!
Night all! x

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