Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Passed from Accomodation to Conference fun times :)

I won’t lie guys during reading week I was officially naf... i apologise for not making the sessions unfortunately I was in Ireland for personal reasons I hope it all went well?

I was appointed the task of getting in touch with Accomodation to get this halls kick out issue ball rolling... wow thats a total mouthful.. and i can only say i managed to do it.

After emailing accommodation they politely declined claiming they were not the people i should be talking too and kindly forwarded my email onto the head of the conference office Bernice ostle so that the situation could be discussed further.

After struggling to get in touch with Bernice she eventually emailed back laying down what i can only describe as THE LAW!

Basically as reported in the meeting last thursday... (which by the way i am slightly proud of my meagre contribution) if our lower years want to stay on longer she has to know: How many? What Halls? And for how many extra days? She also explains that those who need to stay will have to pay conference prices which as students Im sure many cannot afford and she also raised this point in her reply.

Issue much... but don’t worry me boss and i have taken on board what mark said and have arranged a meeting with Kasia in the hope that she can shed some light on the subject considering she’s suffering from the same problems.!

We’ve also accosted a few people since last thursday (in a nice way i hasten to add) about the emailing of everyone in the university, after all as Siobhan said if Ben Soloman can do it why can’t we! IT sent us to registry after the mention of distribution lists and painfully typing one by one ( not fun!) and registry couldn’t update us so you’ll know when we know!

All’s well guys we can do it!
M egan out

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