Friday, 22 January 2010

First Blog of 2010... lets get started!

Um.... I realise (with much oh shit attitude) I haven’t completed a blog for some time (Oct anyone?) and this is why I’m forcing myself to sit down and write one now at the end of our first week back. It seems as though so much has happened previously that I could of commented on; the lectures at Ham, the development of the stories, the enjoyable weekends, a mysterious stowaway in my bag (MARK?), my time over Xmas... but there seems to be no point or benefit in looking back to last year for me. So I begin now looking forward to the mammoth amount of work we all need to undertake to pull off this 3000+ at Ham House’s 400th anniversary. I’m not surprised we’re all scared I myself am terrified but if we pull it off it could be amazing :)

Monday was productive and I’m glad that now the brief is known and the date is finalised we can begin working towards it. It was lovely to hear the stories from the Spain trip a real inspiration and eye opener especially to me who hopes to work in that field some day and it was lovely to hear all of the girls talking with clear adoration and joy about their experience. I hope that can carry over into our own community workings this time around. Their proposal was perfect a fun and inventive way to lead the amount of people through the grounds of the House and to use the eight squares of grass as natural stages will provide a lot of entertainment for this audience as once they’re in they can’t just be left standing waiting for a giant sing along. I would like others to incorporate their community projects in the piece so that all the work we do can culminate in this giant celebration and to have those we contact to be able to see where their work fits in will provide a sense of satisfaction and community centring around not just Ham House as a building but as a history and focal point of the community.

The meeting Wednesday was a little harder for me because I generally am pants at leading and organising at the best of times and I really had no idea what role I could possibly be of value to. With the roles sorted we can now move forward and the way we’re working becomes clearer I just wish I could’ve given more. Me being the ‘floater’ while utterly hilarious to Siobhan and Edd fills me with dread because to know about everything isn’t something I’m ready for at the moment! But I’ll do my best and as we’ve all formed an attachment to this House I want to be part of it.

And that my friends was another blog the JOY!
So... To the meetings today!

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  1. you'll be fine miss bailey, there will be lots of things to get together and help with, the roles on offer are just there so taht we can identify what needs to be done in the time given...anyho im in need of a little helper from essex who loves jaffa cakes as much as i do...hopefully you will be able to help me out there lol xxxxxxxxxxx