Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Bell Ringers and a meeting that went well :)

Last Blog of the day I'm so sorry everyone!

Siobhan Claudia Zoe and I ventured to Old Hallows church to visit the bell ringers last night. I can only say it such an amazing experience! I can definitely say I enjoyed occupying a bell tower for the evening : )

The group were so welcoming to us and it was clear they wanted to share all they knew about their passion and we couldn’t help but get infected by their enthusiasm. Chris took Zoe and I up to look at the bells almost immediately and it was fascinating to be a foot away from a one tonne bell whilst having the inns and outs explained of why some bells were stationed facing up and why others were facing down. When the others arrived they quickly introduced themselves and got to working the bells for us first in sequence and then mixing it up under the conductor who happened to be Chris. They were all able to work all the bells and to watch them it was as if the whole process was organic a command was heard and the sound changed without much effort and they all took turns at working the bells, ringing the treble and even conducting the rules they silently obeyed. This was a real community working in unison to create and hauntingly beautiful sound and I feel honoured to have been so welcomed and able to witness this opportunity. A perfect example; One of the things they played was called ‘BOB’ in which when the word “BOB” was called the sequence changed immediately and continued to do so until the conductor at that particular time called “Thats all” signifying the end of the sequences.

I can only say I learnt so much from this experience in how a community works and the nature of Bell Ringing itself, after all I can’t say I get to listen to a tune as old as the bells themselves be played whilst watching those who man the bells move the ropes up a down. A true experience and it was hilarious to watch Zoe and Claudia actually take advantage of their offer to try themselves!
All in all and amazing experience and I’m tempted to go back to learn more!

But back to DIC Siobhan and I met with Trevor today and he was invaluable in his opinion of our accommodation situation. He’s offered to speak to someone in accommodation and asks that we provide him with the names of our recruits and the halls they reside in so that he can use this information in his approach. He backs us and we’re eternally grateful because we are in a bit of a predicament in terms of dates! ThanksTrevor!

Hope this support continues!

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  1. wow well done for complting the blogging spree you have given a very througher account of what we've been up too and im sure now that we have trevor behind up that we should make some great progress!!!x