Saturday, 13 February 2010

The first of many updates..

Hey Blog Friends!

Much has happened both ups and downs in the past couple of weeks since my last blog and i haven't really had time to write whats beens going on in regards to the ole Ham House celebrations. So as it's reading week i'm thinking the time to update you lovely people is nigh as preparations move fast and forward.

To begin..
So Siobhan has been kind enough to adopt me into her internal liason duties... maybe as a 1st lady to an awesome president methinks? I'm really glad to have a place where i can be of help lord knows she's got an unbelivable amount of work to do and if i can lighten the load then i'm glad :) She allowed me to accompany her on her first meeting with the 1st and 2nd years just to see what interest would be like in our project. We're lucky to have one of the other office managers Emma on our side as shes already pledged herself to our cause and even offering to plug it about for us!

Things that came up in the meeting were:
1) the kick out date for Halls of residence being the 22nd May.... My 21st and a problem that would throw a serious spanner in our workforce. Talking to accomodation office needed!
2) wider advertisement for meetings with the lower years to get more than four people showing! Posters needed!
3) maybe arrange a day to take those interested to have a look at the house from the outside to get their perspectives on it? I think this would really benefit us and give an outsiders look on the project the start of hopefully bringin all three years at simmies together!
4) facebook group for easy communication needed!

We know another meeting needs to be planned but for now four people are joinging us and the facebook group is up and running and growing so let roll on the good times :)

Till the next update Megan out!

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