Saturday, 30 January 2010

The Blog of BLAH?!!

Hey blogging buddies!

I writting this blog at an extremely unconventional time of almost midnight but ive been doing a bit of blog hunting and have been given the inspiration to write.....i warn you now it is of no real relevence!

I shall set the scene for you.... I am at Home... (thats Essex Home not Twickenham Home btw going back to my roots mate.. haha) i am having an immensely interesting converstation with miss Bellot on the good old facebook chat and i have a hugely gnawing feeling in my gutt... (please no gross ideas thanks! ) and that feeling is guilt. I am disappointed in myself for not attending our meetings and i feel terrible about it because despite my feelings of having a serious lack of value to this project and my unfortunate problems at the moment i have let you all down... and Im sorry please understand i do not do it lightly!

So now thats out of the way back to my blog surfing... from all your blogs ive been given such a good insight into what has been happening in my absence and it sounds as though things are slowly falling into place... Mark your blog about the walk was truly inspiring i now intend to sit down and have a little brainstorm and do the walk myself with a few buddies ( I hope) next week when i'll be back... I see no that it's all moving forward quickly and i don't want to get left behind.

Megan Out! :)


  1. Dearest Megan..
    i did miss you at the meetings as you do bring valuable contributions to the group and due to everyday woes you have a valid reason for this. Plus i think what you have to remember is that by your constant asking of any new developments to me and others shows that you are just as much involved and dedicated to the project!!!
    If you need a buddy to to the route with I'll gladly come again!!

  2. I think we should all go again to Ham. I'm hopig that soon we shall have some meetings in a pub in Ham, this way we show our faces, get to know people in Ham. And yes, to be calling people up all the time asking what's happened we know that you are dedicated even when you can't make the meetings!

    Lots of love xxx