Wednesday, 10 March 2010

HAM HOUSE NEEDS YOU and Three birds are found in Simmies

Hey guys a lot has happened in the last few days so a few updates ahead im afraid!
First was our meeting with the 1st and 2nd years on Wednesday 3rd March brought about by careful planning and some strategically placed HAM HOUSE NEEDS YOU posters.. but we only managed to get four people to turn up! Pretty poor I say but luckily all of the four could play and instrument :) roll on super band!

Luckily we were around uni for the rest of the day and Siobhan’s carefully made table allowed us to accost in a friendly way a few more names! We’re getting there slowly and have decided to make flyers and stand outside the theatre during lunchtimes next week to give our recruitment a surge! Fingers crossed!

We ventured to the Simmies theatre at half 2 for the matinee showing of Three birds Alighting on a Field a play written by Timberlake Wertenbaker, one of my favourite playwrights, directed by Trevor and performed by our second years. We wanted to support them after all, show our faces and get ourselves familiar with them because that can only lead to us building bridges and ensuring their support for our project.

The production was interesting clearly about a certain period in the art world but it brought up all those questions about class, money and passion and what you have to have to be considered and ENGLISH gentlemen. I really enjoyed the production it was acted and staged well and the set looked fantastic with its reliance on giant squares symbolic of canvases and projected images of art.

All in all a good day methinks
Till next time x

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