Wednesday, 10 March 2010

A venture to Spoons

After the fun of the random night before and my swearing Im an alcoholic after which my amazing flatmates took it upon themselves to show me the 12 steps (fun times!) Siobhan said the word roast and I was powerless but to follow her to the nearest Spoons you don’t have to drink right?!

Over our amazing roasts the talk turned to DIC and our part we were playing in the internal organising of the 400th birthday celebrations.
We know we need to step up our recruitment process because the meetings are not working sue to the hectic schedule of the lower years and in fact our own. We’ve decided to start camping outside the theatre next week to get people involved with flyers we’re trying to get hold of from our good friend Ruth! We also want to get a meeting with Trevor as soon as possible to get his support on our accommodation front!

Full steam ahead now it’s time to do it at the start of a new week!
Over and out!

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