Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Come on and BLAG IT!!!

Stangely enough on Saturday Siobhan Edd and I decided to take part in the RAG week BLAG IT challenge. I was slightly alarmed and confused at how comfortable i was clambering into a complete stangers car, blindfolding myself and being driven to what can only be described as destination unknown.

The banter before was hilarious we met two primary teachers creating some friendly competiton with this team known as the flowerpot men.... they were both called ben but one was being bill for the day HILARIOUS! As we set i couldn’t help being excited as im not really a lets do something random person i add i neglected to tell my dad what i was doing on my sunny Saturday.. as had the rest of my team!

We were driven to Kensington that we were sure of thanks to the good singposting in that area of London and we set off towards what we thought to be a main road. Kesington highstreet score! After venturing to the train station and realising the train were not running Edd blagged us onto a bus going towards Hounslow. Once there the 33 proved to once again be th bane of all student life by not running where we were but after asking the friendly information dude we blagged our way onto a 267(courtesy of Siobhan) and were soon back in Twickenham. Competitive spirit won as we flew towards the SU only to be told we were second... the other team had managed to hop on a fast train! GUTTED!
But that isn’t the end of my tale... oh no this is where it really began! To be continued...

Siobhan and I congratulating ourselves with pints of cider black decided to watch the rugby playing on Simmies turf and randomnly ran into some 2nd years there to support a friend. I didn’t really know them but Siobhan knew a few and we bonded over the weather mine and siobhans interesting hoodies ( I LOVE NINJAS) and when the match ended we all made our way into the su for a well earned drink!

The pool table called to us and so did the alcohol so within hours we were laughing and joking like old mates.. random i know but i was glad to actually spend some time with them out of the academic context and i have to say it worked! Bill and en arrived back and they joined in our mammoth pool tournament each shot on my part getting slightly worse as i downed another drink! Siobhan and i i have to admitt lost spectacularly on many occasions!
Someone mentioned Chinese and we were invited back to theirs and so the night continued and i can now say we’ve all become firends.. and now we’ve got some new recruits for the best project ever!

All in all a random day and we're glad to announce the arrival of a ukulele player :) HELL YEAH!

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