Thursday, 18 March 2010

A Photoshoot and lots to report!

Hey guys!
This blog is alot happier than my last.. even if i am writing it slightly hungover from another messy paddys day!!

I'm proud to report that the last few days have been really productive for me and Siobhan giving in a hard copy of our recruitment flyer desgin and getting the help from Ruth to jazz it up a bit. All we now need to do is go in and collect them and we'll be on our way! Siobhan's been busy emailing people and setting up meetings here and there yesterday it was with Sue Whitam head of student services who kindly explained the situation with accomodation for us so we understood everything a little more... they have seven different contracts its crazy and the conferences are booked two years in advance after discussions between her and the head of the conference office! No wonder we were stuggling to get this sorted! But luckily Sue had spoken to Bernice for us and had explained that we were really just asking for an extra night and agreed we could have people stay without being charged.. SCORE! So we've secured places for our guys Jersey and Edd to stay the others will just have to crash at peoples!

The photoshoot yesterday was alot of fun, Edd Siobhan Emily and I ventured down at lunchtime and the guys at Ham House were really enthusiastic to join in even Gary and Jorge! Christine our in house photographer was very friendly and amazing to work with I'm glad we've got her on board! They're going to try to get these done for us as soon as possible we have got to allow for the fact that these things can't just be done straight away but i know they'll do their best! They even created some bumper ones for us to get us started :) so we can use those until the main one is ready. It's great to have dedicated people on board and I'm glad im getting to work with Siobhan and meet them all!

All in all productive times

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