Tuesday, 2 March 2010

The day of the Tai and Accomodation goes further

Ok so Monday Part one

Siobhan and I managed to find a clearly popular Kasia in her office and explained our situation to her asking what she thought we should do... She explained that she wasn’t having this difficulty because her students were second years and inot in halls of residence ( sods law right?) but she also proved to be immensely helpful in suggesting that we seek support of trevor to back us up in our quest to hopefully get the extra nights for our lower year buddies... and since we’d really like them to be involved we’re going to do it! She also she suggested to go to the SU first because their backing could also help just in case Trevor is unable to do anything to help us!

But its all good guys because Kasia’s on our side and we’ve got a way to try to find a loop hole.

ON another note I managed to assail registry and found that they cannot give us email account details due to data protection.... (yes that lil chesnut) but they were kind enough to offer an alternative such as getting IT to put up something on the front page of the portal and also giving information to the heads of schools within the university so that they can put information up aswell..Every little helps and i think that would prove to be a helpful tool in advertising the project!

Since Friday Siobhan and i have been making posters and putting them up and also sending out messages via our HAM HOUSE NEEDS YOU group to arrange a meeting with the 1st and 2nd years to get an idea of numbers and also those who will need help with halls. This meeting is taking place on wednesday in studio 2 and we hope to have a good turn out. Siobhan has also been postin the information on the drama society walls and those for the drama and physical theatre walls so im sure you guys are well ahead!

Wish us luck!
Megan out!

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