Monday, 25 January 2010

Back to the house....

Hey hey Blog friends!

I was lucky enough to be able to make the tour of the shooting at Ham Saturday and after signing away my life and possibly my face and car to Disney I can honestly say it was such an amazing, eye opening experience for me in terms of the amount of work and energy that goes into location filming. I can't say i know much about filming its not something I've really looked into but to be allowed to have a look around and have all the how we makes this happen explained to me i couldnt feel anything except awe.... and fear I totally didnt want to break anything! Unfortunately I cannot remember the name of the lovely lady who risked so much to show us around (a lil help anyone?) but we were all really greatful to her for allowing us to share this experience with them, and of course to see Ham House totally transformed to the point where i was picking inanimate objects and going um was that there before?! Most of it was i hasten to add... maybe i shud pay a little bit more attention! But i digress... as Gary has said soooooo many times he loves the way a room can be transformed and Gary I totally agree and I hope that this is what we ourselves can achieve at the 400th celebration.

I missed the House and it was good to have another little look around at the grounds to put our plans into perspective with what we can actually use. There are so many natural stages at the back of the house; the sections of grass and the raised platform that backs onto the house proved to be larger than i imagined and perfect to put the choirs or us to orchestrate the Happy Birthday. And If we choose to use the banner idea there's two perfectly placed balcony's towards the top that would be handyto hang the banners from! Mark even pointed out the Flag pole and I don't see why we can't use this aswel!

All in all going back to the house proved to be very helpful in putting the area back into my mind... and If a film crew can change the look of the area then i don't see why we can if we get enough people on board!

Megan Out!

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